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Nelson and Cheryl assisted many of their clients through proper planning to upgrade their property portfolio. Despite of their numerous awards, they remain humble and always put their clients interest as their top priority.

How To Select Condo Units That Can Profit Up To
$500K In 3-5 Years

Choose the right location, development, unit type, floor, price and more with an in-depth analysis that is tailored to your finances, wants & limitations




Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped over 300 families and investors to not only get their dream home but also profit from it with a 100% success rate

Here are some of the Case Studies

Case Study 01: Grandeur Park

$478K Profit in 4 Years

In 2017, we identified a great deal for our client in this 5BR unit at Grandeur Park which was launched at a price close to the developer’s cost.

Why did we choose this 5-bedroom unit in grandeur park for our clients to invest in?.
Let’s first dive into the important aspects of selecting the right development.

Grandeur Park’s breakeven cost (developer’s cost price) is $1238 psf.
Our client’s unit was purchased at $1309 psf, that’s a mere $71PSF above the cost price!

Why is the cost price important? It eventually determines the buffer of your FUTURE profit margins.

Here’s the price movement of Grandeur Park since it first launched back in 2017. Units at the initial launch stage were traded close to the cost price and then subsequently the prices increased significantly to 1600 psf. That’s easily worth $350K of paper gains made EVEN BEFORE TOP.
From this example you can see that the entry of your property is important. By entering correctly you will already have a huge advantage.

There are also other key fundamentals to consider – like the unit type, and the right exit strategy. You wouldn’t want to enter correctly, and undo all your capital gains because of poor exit planning.

At 1453 sqft, encompassing 5 bedrooms all on a single level, space is efficient and functional with a junior master suite on one side and 4 bedrooms on the other end of the unit gives ample privacy suited for a multi-generation family to live in. Besides having a effective layout we also want to focus on the supply and demand of the 5 bedroom in the vicinity.

There is limited supply of 5 bedroom in the surrounding older resale condo developments. Urban Vista, and The Glades, have only 5 bedroom penthouses layout available where the space is not as efficient and comes with void spaces. Having large roof terrace also mean that the interior space becomes lesser. In the entire 1KM vicinity of Tanah Merah MRT, there are as few as 5x 5 bedroom units that’s currently up for sale. And most of them are townhouses nestled in Eco condo, which are much bigger in size with a much higher asking price ($4M and above)!

Also by understanding the surrounding and township plan, we knew then that there are upcoming residential land plots that would definitely be priced higher, which are now known as Sceneca Residence in Tanah Merah and Sky Eden in Bedok.

With all the factors above and with the solid entry and exit strategy in place, we advised our clients to seize the opportunity and thus making them this fantastic ROI.

Case Study 02: Florence Residences

$368K Profit in 3.5 Years

When we shortlisted this 1,001 sqft 3BR unit for our clients, we knew that we would be helping our clients to enter at the lowest phase of the development’s launch.

Understanding price trends, we know that the prices for the development will be eventually staged up.
Let’s take a look at an example of Forest Woods, another nearby Condo in Serangoon.

At the early stage the unit #09-29 was sold at $1.277M. Fast forward about 2 years later, #04-29 (5 floors lower) price has increased to $1.547m.

The owner of #09-29 can easily exit at the market rate of $1.5+M and secure $270K profits. However, the owner of #04-29 would have to exit at $1.7+M to enjoy the same profits!! Which is easier?
For all our client’s purchases we ensure that they are entering at the correct phase and most important not to overpay.

For Florence Residences, their entry per square foot pricing is at $1397 at a quantum of $1.398m for a 1,001sqft layout. Even before TOP developer has increased and sold units at $17++psf. By entering at the correct phase, we give ourselves a good safety net and ensuring our purchase has high potential upside.
In the same stack, a unit that’s 6 floors higher than our client’s unit, has been transacted at $1.619m. and for the same layout and size, the highest price for the development is at $1.78m sold by the developer.

Also being situated in Hougang we knew that the demand for 3 bedroom + utility will be a key factor for buyers. Before obtaining TOP, we sold the unit in merely a month with a profit of $368K – an ROI of 100% on their downpayment with a gross profit 6.5% annually! This enabled our clients to take the profits and upgrade to a freehold property of $2.2M. Their freehold property has now also increased in value.

What’s the Key takeaway – every project has the right window to enter. Determining when to enter is crucial to ensure your profit margin is the highest and we have been helping all our clients to enter at the RIGHT phase.

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Learn how we can help you profit up to $500K in 3-5 years by choosing the right property using our “Right Choice Analysis” on a discovery call with us

Case Study 03: Parc Esta

$285K Profit in 3 Years! (92% ROI)

Our clients originally wanted to buy a mass market (OCR) project for investment. Everyone knows the most expensive properties are found in the Core Central Region (CCR), followed by the Rest of Central Region and then the Outside Central Region (OCR).

After a detailed analysis we advised our clients to look at another project, PARC ESTA which is located in the city fringe RCR region instead.

Why did we advise them against their original plan?
We need to look beyond just price – we need to look at price trends of the entire market. Even though RCR properties are more “expensive” than the OCR, it can actually be of more value than a “cheaper” unit in OCR.
Let’s look at an example here. From this graph we can see RCR properties are always priced at an average of $400psf higher due to their prime locations. But when we analysed what was on the market in 2020, we spotted Parc Esta, a city fringe RCR project that was priced only $100-$150 psf higher than the available OCR mass market projects. We instantly knew that this project was a gem given its pricing and its location right opposite Eunos MRT!

Along with picking out a good unit and facing for our client within their budget, we sold it for a profit of almost $300K in 3 years for their 2 bedroom unit.

Everyone knows location is a major factor in property investment. But it’s not just about convenience or a central location. Picking the right location requires both knowledge and foresight. Get it right, and your property will naturally enjoy good capital appreciation.

This research is an important part of what we do for our clients to identify the right location to invest in, at the right time.

Case Study 04: Florence Residences

$250K Profit in 3 Years

Awhile back, we had a client who’s looking to purchase her first property for investment. She is undecided between getting a resale property to get passive rental income immediately or unsure if there are any other choices available given her budget.

She shortlisted icon at Tanjong Pagar for its central location and its good rental it can fetch – but we persuaded her to change her mind.
Icon at Tanjong Pagar was in the range of $1.05M, fitting her budget. During our consult, we knew that her goal was to achieve the highest returns with her capital. As such, we calculated net returns, costs involved and the pros and cons of the property. Although Icon would het her immediate rental income, we knew that she will only be able to afford a 1BR unit in Icon and thus would not be able to achieve high capital growth in the next few years.

We broke down her net rental returns for purchasing Icon:
That comes up to a total cost of $1460 per month. The average monthly rental for the 1 bedroom in icon is about $3000. If she were to purchase Icon, her monthly returns would be $3000 (rent) – $1460 (cost) = $1540 (net rental returns).

In 3 years, she would have generated only $55,440 in rental income. With this, and also knowing that the price growth will be limited, she took our advice and invested in a 2 bed 2 bath Florence residences instead. We knew this was a hidden gem because it was an uncompleted project that she could buy directly from the developer.

Fast forward to 2023, we were spot on with our analysis. The same Icon unit was still selling at $1.0+M after the same time period – some units even going below $1M. If she would have bought Icon, on a best case scenario, she would only have earned from the rental.

Whereas for her investment in Florence residences, we sold it at $1,300,888, giving her almost $250K profit! Just take a look at the price charts of both projects below.

That’s what we do on a daily basis – in all our client’s property decision, we weigh the pros and cons and to breakdown the cost involved in their options to be able to determine which is the best choice for them.

Want to Know How We Can Help You Too?

Learn how we can help you profit up to $500K in 3-5 years by choosing the right property using our “Right Choice Analysis” on a discovery call with us

Case Study 05: RiverParc Residence

4rm HDB to $1.75M Condo in 3 Years - with $400K Profit!

Back in 2019, our client – Han – contacted us to sell his 4-room HDB at Punggol Drive after it reached its Minimum Occupation Period.

His initial plan was to just move to a larger HDB. We worked out a detailed financial calculation for him and saw that he could actually afford to upgrade to a private property and yet, still set aside a comfortable safety net.

Therefore we suggested he proceed to purchase a 4-bedroom private property instead of an HDB.
The reason why we suggested this to him – This move was important to ENSURE the highest upside potential for his property growth on the horizon for the next 5 to 8 years and at the same time fulfil the need for more space for his growing family. We proceeded to sell off his HDB at $428,000, allowing him to take back $130K in cash proceeds and proceeded to assist him to purchase a 4-bedroom private property for $1.08M.

In 2022, three years after buying the private property, we sat down with Han again to review his property portfolio. He had the intention of upgrading again since it was an opportune time to realise his profits while also satisfying his need to move closer towards his workplace in the city.

We helped Han sell his private unit for a whopping $1.459m. That’s about $400,000 in profit within 3 years!
That is why we spend a lot of time on research and helping our clients with proper planning. We are glad with our experience, we were able to see the holistic picture and to be able to advise our clients.

Looking back, let’s revisit his HDB unit that we sold off in 2019. If Han didn’t sell his HDB unit in 2019, it would be worth $523,000 today.
This means that if Han didn’t do anything and held onto his HDB unit for 3 more years, he would make an additional $100K.

We were glad that he took our advice and went for the private property, securing $400K profit in those 3 years, allowing him to upgrade once more and to ensure that he won’t be priced out of the market. If he’d made the move later, it will result in an opportunity loss of $300K.

Using the profits he made and the cash unlocked from his sale of the private property, we proceeded to upgrade once more to a $1.8M property closer to town – and with a very healthy safety net.

By proper and thorough planning for his upgrading, we are able to help him achieve fantastic returns in the shortest span of time. That’s four times more than what his HDB could have done for him. We’re so glad to have been able to help Han with a tailored roadmap to help his asset progress and for him to tap into undervalued properties to get the highest value.

Other Case Studies

$500K Gains

Avenue South Residences (3BR)

$180K Profit

Avenue South Residences (2BR)

$255K Profit

Sengkang Grand (2BR+S)

$268K Profit

Stirling Residences (2BR)

Want to Know How We Can Help You Too?

Learn how we can help you profit up to $500K in 3-4 years by choosing the right property using our “Right Choice Analysis” on a discovery call with us

Our Process

Our "Right Choice Analysis" That Helps Clients Make Up To $500K Returns in 3-5 Years By Choosing the Right Property

Prices for properties are high nowadays and in order to have a 100% success rate of choosing a right one – a lot of research and work needs to be done in order to find the best unit other than the location. Some of the factors we look at when researching a unit includes:


Unit type

Our careful analysis of unit types helps identify high-demand market segments. This approach allows our clients to capitalize on market scarcity, thus maximizing return potential.



By aligning unit size with market preferences, our in-depth assessment significantly enhances a property’s potential for appreciation, increasing the likelihood of substantial profits.



Our examination of layout efficiency and functionality broadens the appeal of a property, attracting a wider range of potential buyers or tenants and ensuring a competitive edge in the market.



We consider the orientation of a unit as it can affect its desirability. By selecting properties with a favorable direction, we enhance its value and appeal to potential buyers and tenants.



By understanding how higher floors command higher prices, we balance this factor with the right entry phase to ensure maximum returns on your property investment.


Demand & Supply

Our foresight in anticipating future supply and demand conditions positions our clients’ investments for substantial capital gains, providing a solid platform for profitable real estate investments.


Past Transactions

We analyze past transactions to help identify the optimal phase for investment. This ensures our clients do not overpay, thereby ensuring a healthy profit margin in their property investments.


Future Developments

Our awareness of future developments enables us to anticipate price movements, ensuring that our clients’ investments are future-proof and well-positioned for capital appreciation. This is part of our strategic approach to real estate investment.

Obviously, choosing a profitable property isn’t as easy as running it through a checklist – otherwise everyone would be making $500K profits! Because everyone’s situation is unique – finances, wants, goals & limitations – the analysis we do is extremely tailored, not to mention taking into account the variables of the property market. 

Want to Know How We Can Help You Too?

Learn how we can help you profit up to $500K in 3-5 years from choosing the right property using our 5-Step Framework with a discovery call with us

About Us

As property investors, we practise what we preach.

Having accrued over 15 years of experience each in the real estate industry. We have witnessed various cooling measures that have been implemented. What we realized is that everyone wants to time the market. Many of our clients that met us understands that we determine the right property base on facts and figures but NOT emotion.

They also regretted missing their opportunity and wished they had met us earlier. Just by following a safe and structured property investment system, we believe many can also build a beneficial portfolio. That is why we hope to continue sharing what we have learnt over the years to help our clients to enjoy financial stability through real estate in years to come.

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If you’re looking to buy a private property and profit up to $500K in 3-5 years, you need a right plan.
However, this is NOT a one size fits all solution. Everyone has their own financial situation, needs and goals. In order for it to work for you, it need to be customized specifically for you.

Let us analyze your portfolio and customize a plan for you!


Understand your goals, budget and requirements


Identify properties within high-demand regions


Shortlist properties with good entry prices


Select the best unit with the highest potential


Create a customised exit strategy for maximum returns